Herongate village sign

Herongate & Ingrave Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Theresa Grainger
30 Westwood Gardens, Hadleigh, Benfleet, SS7 2SJ
M: 07851 214222
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Ingrave village sign
Volunteers wanted for St. Nicholas Church, Ingrave Churchyard upkeep – call Rev Paul on 01277 812452.
FREE REFLECTIVE HOUSE NUMBERS. If you would like free reflective house numbers for your property please contact Mrs Amanda Burton by email: ahburtie@yahoo.co.uk
Local Development Plan Consultation 2016 and Lower Thames Crossing Consultation. See important information in News.
Community Agents Essex – an innovative new partnership supporting older people and their informal carers. For more information see Services.
Brentwood Borough Council will be vacating the Town Hall at the end of October 2017 whilst remodelling work takes place. See News for more information


To find your Parish Councillor click on this link – PARISH COUNCILLORS’ AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY

Parish Councillor Mr Mark Kelly via the Clerk
M Kelly 1
Parish Councillor Mr Alan Bayless  01277 810196 Alan Bayless
Parish Clerk Ms Theresa Grainger 07851214222 (mornings only) Theresa Grainger
Parish Councillor Mr Alan Kingsford Chairman 01277 810075
Parish Councillor & Ward Councillor Mrs Sheila Murphy 01277 811543 Sheila Murphy
Parish Councillor Mrs Kelly Pegram 01277 811682
Parish Councillor Mr Stewart Theobald 01277 811682 Stuart Theobald
Parish Councillor Mr Martin Hannush
Vice Chairman
01277 280606 Martin Hannush
Parish Councillor Mr Paul Hawkins  07952050849 Cllr Paul Hawkins 4
Parish Councillor Mr David Hills 07970 851382 David Hills
County Councillor Louise McKinlay  07786 324743 Louise McKinlay
Vice Chair of Community Committee Mrs Jo Squirrell 07705366146 Jo Squirrell