Herongate village sign

Herongate & Ingrave Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Stephanie Robinson
The Dower House, 135-139 Billericay Road, Herongate, CM13 3SD
M: 07512 078975
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Ingrave village sign
Volunteers wanted for St. Nicholas Church, Ingrave Churchyard upkeep – call Rev Paul on 01277 812452.
Following the resignation of Cllr. Mark Kelly, Herongate & Ingrave Parish Council now have a vacancy for the position of Parish Councillor. Please see the Staff/Councillor vacancy page for details.
POST OFFICE CLOSURE – the Post Office has now closed permanently. The shop continues to operate as usual.
FREE REFLECTIVE HOUSE NUMBERS. If you would like free reflective house numbers for your property please contact Mrs Amanda Burton by email: ahburtie@yahoo.co.uk
Community Agents Essex – an innovative new partnership supporting older people and their informal carers. For more information see Services.




St Nicholas Church Ingrave

Main service 9.30am Sunday
Rev Paul Hamilton www.stnicholasingrave.com 01277 812452

St Andrews Methodist Church Herongate

Main service 10.30am Sunday
Rev David Bagwell 01277 623085

Hall Bookings

St Nicholas Church Hall Bookings:
Rita Hodgson 811179

St Andrews Church Hall Bookings:
Douglas Hibbard 811795

Football Club Hall bookings:
Sue Tozer 07930 656 876

Community Agents Essex – for more information visit:
To arrange a free visit call:
08009 775858 or 01376 574341
Alternatively you can email: