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Welcome to the home page of Herongate and Ingrave Parish Council


The SuperfastEssex team has held a meeting for Parishes in the County to announce a new approach to disseminating information on the rollout of Superfast Broadband. This article aims to provide a summary of the announcements plus providing links to the new website pages where full details are to be found.

Speakers revealed that progress is good and at present is running ahead of schedule. The first area to go live with superfast broadband was in June 2014; phase one of the project is expected to be completed during summer 2016. Phase one will bring the superfast rollout to 85% of premises in the rural areas of the County. A further 9% will be added by phase two, which is planned to be completed by end 2020. The remaining 5% is not suitable for resolution by a fibre optic cabling approach. There will be another programme to develop and implement other technical approaches to resolve the particular issues affecting these areas. Fortunately for us we do not fall into this category.

What news on Herongate and Ingrave:
Previously, the SuperfastEssex team had stated that priority would be given to areas having the worst broadband performance. It is now clear just what the implications of this approach are to our villages. Ingrave, being farthest from the exchange, will be upgraded to superfast level first. Herongate being closer to the exchange, and currently having better performance as a consequence, will have to wait a little longer. The new information in the latest web pages implies that Herongate will become a part of phase two installations which will follow on from the end of phase one.

To enable you to check on your own situation, right up to final launch of superfast, an Interactive map has now been provided that can accessed by keying in your postcode.
The address is: www.superfastessex.org/postcode. This address will take you directly to the Maps page which has a full description of the Interactive Map and instructions for its use.

For example, Cabinet 3 (on the corner of Whitby Avenue) is shown as “upgrade underway” with a delivery date of between January and June 2015; hopefully, therefore, not too long to go. The colour coding on the map shows the status of the various parts of our Parish. We are promised that the Interactive Map and associated data will be updated regularly, so it will be worth making regular visits until “real” broadband arrives.

We were told during the presentation that a poster will be fixed to each cabinet as superfast broadband becomes available to all premises served by that upgraded box. Looking up your postcode in the above URL will tell you which cabinet serves your residence. Remember, no one will come to you and ask if you wish to take superfast; you will need to approach your ISP and order it from them. Superfast will be available from most ISPs from go live, not just BT. You will therefore be able to take Superfast from the ISP offering the best deal for you.

Parish Event presentation slides:
The slides cover all the background information as to just what is involved in the upgrading of the broadband. There is something in there of interest for anyone who wants better broadband, however, some parts might cause you to glaze over a little unless you have a little of the geek in your make-up. The address is www.superfastessex.org/getinvolved.