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Statement from Herongate and Ingrave Parish Council
Position on Dunton Garden Suburb

Brentwood Borough, in association with Basildon Council, is progressing with a study on the possibility of building Dunton Garden Suburb. A part of this study is a Borough wide consultation which is designed to collect the views of individuals and Parish Councils.

Herongate and Ingrave Parish Council have been formally asked to participate in the consultation. The primary conflict in this study is between meeting the requirement, imposed by the Government on Brentwood Borough, to build 6300 houses before 2030 and the loss of greenbelt land that would inevitably result.

During our Parish Council meeting of 25th February, which was attended by some forty local people, our two Ward Councillors, our County Councillor and the Chairman of the Borough Planning Committee, this matter was thoroughly discussed.

It became very clear that there are strong feelings against the loss of greenbelt that could be involved. The response that the Parish Council returns to Borough will, of course, reflect this position.

During the resulting debate by the Councillors, a proposal was tabled that Dunton Garden Suburb be rejected solely on grounds of damage to the greenbelt. However, the decision on the building of the Garden Suburb will be made by Brentwood Borough. Therefore it is vital that our concerns, about the problems that building the Suburb could bring to our villages, are made clear to the decision makers.

In an attempt to resolve this dilemma a motion was put forward to be voted on by the Parish Council. The motion decided on was:

“Do you agree, in principle, based on the projected housing growth and
demands, that Dunton Garden Suburb be considered?”

The vote that followed decided by three votes to two that consideration should be given (there were three abstentions).

The Parish Council will therefore go ahead and produce a response to Borough which will reflect the strong feelings on greenbelt but will also detail all other concerns as to the effects that such a development could have on Herongate and Ingrave. The Parish Council’s response will be published in the Parish website and Facebook page.

The consultation period will end on 16th March ’15. Should villagers wish to make their views known to Borough they should write or email the Planning Policy Team at: Town Hall, Ingrave Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 8AY; or by email to: planning.policy@brentwood.gov.uk. If submissions are copied to the Clerk to the Herongate and Ingrave Parish Council, we will ensure that your views are taken into consideration in writing our formal response. Please address the copies to either Clerk to the Council, 34a Common Road, Ingrave, CM13 3QL or by email to clerk@herongateandingravepc.org.uk.